99 Cahaya di Langit Eropa

After searching for the proper book that suits my desire, I found that this book is really incredible and the authors are praise-worthy of being able to show me a different way to explain the common and the most recent topic spreading over the bookstore. The topic is about traveling, but the authors can explain it differently, not about describing how to get there without spending a lot of money, how to get a cheap hostel, how to survive there and listing a beautiful places to visit. It’s NOT about that, and it’s far beyond of that!

99 cahaya di langit eropa

The book talks about four countries the authors had visited during their journey to Europe and stayed there for 3 years, i.e Austria (Wina),  France (Paris), Spain (Cordoba and Granada), and Turkey. It develops the sense of pride of being a Muslim in a non-muslim community, it talks about the glory of Islam and its contribution and influence to Europe’s civilization, it talks about how we have to treat the other people that offend us and our religion with a very very beautiful way, not by hurting them and offend them back, but by paying them their food (in that case), always giving smile to the other, and becoming a GOOD MUSLIM AGENT to spread the beauty of Islam, and surely I fall in love with Islam afresh after read this book. I’ve finished reading this book, but I think I have to read again to gather a lot of insight and wisdom… a very must read book! And I hope I have a chance to visit that continent again next time to ponder over the beauty of Islam in the land of Europe…aamiin….

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